8 tips to take the best photos of your apartment

One of the most appreciated features in real estate listings are photos. When booking a room, tenants tend to rely more on what they can see than on what is being described. The photos that tenants see will greatly define whether they book your place or another. They are the best way of showcasing how great your property is and prompting them to choose it. Here are some tips to make the most out of your photos:

1. Tidy up the space

No one likes a messy room. When shooting a bedroom make sure there are no clothes hanging around and that the bed is made. Clean and organise the space and remove clutter to make it more appealing. Try to dust all surfaces and get a nice fresh feel of the place, even if it’s an old house. Get some flowers in strategic places to give it a fresher vibe.

2. Use natural light

Kodak’s founder George Eastman has famously stated that “Light makes photography”.  Shoot during the morning or early afternoon. Open your curtains and take advantage of natural light and colours. Use flash only if necessary, but avoid excessive light. Too much light can also be harmful if you shoot directly at windows, so adjust the brightness of your camera when doing so.

3. Chest height

The ideal height to shoot inside your property is about 1.5 meters from the ground. This will straighten the lines and covers all surfaces. Avoid vertical photos or pictures showing too much of the ceiling, as they will not showcase your space properly. We want to see the most interesting parts of the house with a true perspective.

4. Shoot from corners and go straight

Take advantages of the corners — it helps show the range of space and adds depth to the photo. Make sure lines are straight and consistent with the lines of the space. Avoid strong distortion caused by extreme wide angle lenses. You can do this by assuring that the wall’s horizontal and vertical lines (along with the horizontal and vertical elements of items along that wall) are aligned.

5. Avoid personal objects and people

We all like to customise our living spaces and so it’s natural that our houses are filled with photos and other personal objects. However, unless they are a feature of the property, try to remove them when taking photos. Remember that tenants too will want to decorate their rooms, so give them that chance.

6. Avoid camera trick and fish-eyed photos

We live in the world of filters and effects, but they distort reality and can give the wrong idea of the space. So, avoid those cool Instagram effects and fish-eye cameras and go for the rawest possible image. If you feel the need to edit the photo you can do it afterwards with an editing software such as Photoshop.

7. Take photos of every room

Most times the photos on the listing are the only way tenants have to picture how the apartment is. They will look for not only pictures of the bedrooms, but also of the bathroom, kitchen and living room. It may also help to have photos of the view, balcony, terraces and even the surrounding area. Remember to have at least three pictures of the bedrooms and to show the bed and other important features such as the wardrobe.

8. Ensure photos correspond with reality

Often, your tenants will not be able to visit your place before booking it, so please ensure that the photos correspond perfectly with reality.

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