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Affordable ways to make your property more appealing to students

If you’re renting out a property or sharing your home and you’re thinking about mainly attracting students, then here are a couple of the things you can do that cost little but do much in the way of turning a home more attractive for students:

Go green

This isn’t necessarily a must for everyone but most students (and hopefully most people) care about the environment. A couple of simple things such as changing a light bulb here and there and going for a more energy-efficient LEDs, putting up a recycle bin inside, using water-saving shower heads and low-flow toilets, are just a few easy examples of going green without paying too much. Plus, this will also end up saving you some money on utility bills, so it’s a win-win.

Refresh the Bathroom

Buying a new toilet seat, a new toilet brush and hanging a new shower curtain. These are things that are quite cheap and that almost instantly make the bathroom more fresh and inviting.

A warm welcome

Putting a homely doormat at the entrance. Nothing says “welcome home” like a doormat that has those exact words on it. Plus, it’s a little something to impress your potential tenants even before they enter the property.

Clean the property

Making sure the property is clean isn’t just true for students; it’s for everyone who’s out there looking around to find a place to move into. Having clothes laying around, dishes in the sink, or dirty windows are a few big no-nos. To make sure your property is as appealing as it can be, go the extra mile. A few small efforts such as putting on fresh bed linen and making the bed really tight, cleaning the dishes, removing any unnecessary items that occupy space such as to leave most of the areas as open as possible, and opening the windows so that the whole place smells fresh, are going to seriously please anyone who checks out your offer. Plus, this is something that is basically free to do, provided you have the necessary cleaning items, unless you are willing to pay a professional cleaning service to do it for you.

Guest policy

Many students like to get together with friends, so providing them with the liberty to have guests is definitely a good thing. Plus, making sure that the open spaces are attractive, such as having a big, open kitchen or a sizeable living room with large and comfortable sofas will promote their get-together lifestyle and instantly make them imagine how it would be like to have some friends over in the property they have just moved into.

This doesn’t mean you have to spend too much money, though, as simple things such as rearranging your furniture or getting rid of anything that’s not really useful and just taking up space is a good start.

Bike rack

Most students enjoy doing exercise or cycling to classes, so providing a bike rack will certainly be a pleasant thing to see for a student with an active lifestyle. Also, pointing out any parks and fitness centres nearby is a great idea.

These are just a few tips on how you can turn your home into a magnet for students and hopefully provide them with a great experience.

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