What if I don't like my tenant?

What if I dont like my tenant?

Renting out your property to another person sounds like a simple enough task, but in truth, the relationship between landlord and tenant can be – at time -a pretty tricky ordeal. When rules aren’t followed or when cultural differences become evident, things may get awry. This is especially true for those who live under the same roof or close by their tenant.


So what if my tenant is overbearing or what if I can’t get along with him/her at all? Don’t worry,  here are:

A few tips to handle it if you really dislike your tenant!


  1. Have a proactive approach in this relationship. What does this mean? Be prepared to encounter your tenant. Instead of being merely reactive to the things he/she says in the spur of the moment, use a cool head to prepare the things you have to say beforehand. If you have a meeting set to talk about the broken washing machine, for example, think of solutions instead of excuses. This will show that you are both a responsible and collaborative landlord.
  2. Set boundaries for yourself. It’s OK to admit when something is making you uncomfortable or unhappy. Don’t force yourself into situations that are unlikely going to work for you. To put it simply, you don’t have to be friends with your tenant.
  3. Try not to take things personally. If the tenant is unhappy about something in the house or even in the contract, don’t take it as a personal insult. Maybe the tenant is used to something else or maybe he is just picky. Whichever the case is, try to identify what the real problem on the other side is and see if there is a way around it. If there isn’t, give the tenant a logic explanation about it. Remember to be polite, it helps.
  4. Be firm, but understanding of different cultures. Keep your standards but keep an open mind in relation to different people and customs.  Is your tenant from India or Germany? Do they do certain things differently there? The answer is that they probably do. If anything positive will come at all from this relationship, it’s a better understanding of cultural differences. Always try understand where the person is coming from and kindly explain how things are done where you come from. In short, don’t accept late rents but don’t make assumptions on what is happening on the other side and why. Communication here is key. Ask questions before making any accusations and then formulate your thoughts.
  5. Rely on your contract. If all else fails and things get messy, rely on that document both of you have signed in the beginning. Rules have to be written down clearly so as to give a sense of safety and trust to both sides. Uniplaces recommends a clear and fair tenancy agreement to make sure there is no space for discord in the future.

All in all, we know that some people are harder to deal with than others, but a little comprehension and communication goes a long way when overcoming these human barriers. Follow this simple guide and make sure you don’t let a single bad experience get in the way of your business. Practice and preparation will make you a great landlord to all kinds of folks!

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